December 1, 2018

A Poem

What once used to serve me now doesn’t. I find my old choices unpleasant. I’m addicted to change, Find that sameness is lame, And I’m learning to live in the present.

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Deidre Scott is an actor, writer, and storyteller based in Los Angeles.

She has trained at the Upright Citizens Brigade and iOWest (R.I.P.) and is currently studying at The Imagined Life.

She is also a student of Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica, which is basically Life School 101.

A former guys’ gal, Deidre is gradually shedding ideas and misbeliefs about herself that once defined her. She has come to realize the significance of self-love and is dedicated to becoming the best, most authentic version of herself. And frankly, it’s about time because she used to be kind of a train wreck.

It is her hope that by sharing what she’s learned from some of her most embarrassing and painful memories, she will inspire others to reframe how they look at themselves.

Deidre is currently writing a one-woman show called Thank You For Hurting Me. So, if you know Deidre then you just may have a shout-out coming your way!